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Technodeterminism (or technological determinism for those who like to beat around the bush) speaks to how much technology influences social change1. What makes someone a technodeterminist? A simple explanation is that a technodeterminist believes that media and technology have an effect on us, and that that effect is somewhat inevitable2. Still, that sounds relatively innocuous. […]


Remediation is summarized most accurately with an example. You know that movie you saw last week that was based on a novel or a comic book? That’s remediation. It is essentially the appropriation of the content of one medium into another. Marshall McLuhan said it best: “The electric light is pure information. It is a […]

Web 3.0 / The Semantic Web

Web 3.0 is essentially Semantic Web technologies that have been integrated into large-scale Web applications. These new technologies are based on mash-ups that occur at the data level, not the application level1. I guess we should take a step backwards and talk for a moment about what 3.0 relates to and what the Semantic Web […]

Information Overload

Information overload is ubiquitous and you’re probably experiencing it right now. The Web has led to such a massive accumulation of information that it is becoming impossible to digest it all8. We have integrated so many different kinds of media into our lives – smartphones, blogging, television, social networking websites, et cetera – and we’re […]